State Certified Road Scholar-

      Jerry, owner of Gerald Mackenzie General Contractor, Inc., is a "State Certified Road Scholar," and the first independent contractor in the State of Maine to achieve this title. Having completed the necessary courses with the Maine D.O.T, Jerry is certified in all aspects of Road Building, Paving, Snow & Ice Removal, Grader Operation, Road Maintenance, and Erosion Control. He has a high quality standard for all of the work that he does, and an equally high standard for safety on and off the job.

DEP Certified in Erosion Control-

      DEP Voluntary Contractor Certification Program is a voluntary program designed to prevent nonpoint source pollution from construction activity by creating an incentive for Maine contractors to become educated on the best management practices for erosion and sedimentation control, a process that requires recertification every two years.

DEP Certified in Contaminated Soil-

      Our company is also a DEP Certified and Preferred Contractor for removal and disposal of contaminated soil.